Dance Classes Offered

Does your child/teenager like to move and groove?

Come check out our dancing classes.

If your child is always dancing around the house, that is a great sign that they would benefit from dance classes!

Hip-Hop / K-Pop

Hip-hop & K-Pop are some of the most popular styles today because of their upbeat music and contemporary moves. Appropriate for both boys and girls who would like to learn the latest urban dance steps influenced by some of today’s hottest video choreographers!

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Hula 'auana

The Oli (chant), the Mele, (song) and  Ka Leo, the voice.


The truth of Hawaii and her people were nurtured and shared, from one generation to another, passed down, the secrets and the mana, spirit, were cared for, with reverence and understanding of it’s value.


Introduce your child to the magic of Hula with Willow Chang.

Willow has performed Hula around the world, in Syria, Egypt, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Canada, Indonesia, Japan, France, Georgia and New York.  She teaches Hula 101 and various original Hula choreographies abroad, and with ESL (English as a Second Language) programs locally, sharing the traditions and spiritual importance of Hula and Hawaiian culture, always asserting the importance of respecting the people, kupunas (elders), kumus (teachers), stories and the language of Hula. She is delighted, honored and humbled to share the aloha of the Hawaiian culture worldwide, and has seen first hand, how transformative and healing it is.

Tap / Jazz

Tap class teaches basics from shuffles to buffalos. The Jazz portion includes flexibility exercises and isolation movements mixed with rhythm and lots of fun!


Classical ballet emphasizes grace and fluid movements of the body with precise footwork. Ballet is the basis of all technique for all dance styles and is important to master if you wish to advance and progress in other dance styles. ​

Ballroom Dance

Whether you are a beginner looking to learn how to Swing, Salsa, Country Dance, and Tango, a seasoned competition dancer, or just an enthusiast looking to pick up a couple of steps for weddings and parties, we have the perfect dance program for you. 




This series of coursework refines the customary techniques of salsa and allows it to settle naturally within each body independently. It encourages and shares the secrets of honest and true expression through movement so that you can move your body to the music just the way you imagine. Rooted in the spirit of the reciprocity of respect, compassion, communication and love called ALOHA, the JMTX technique liberates dancers from the confines of tension based communication and gives access to the freedom of connection and expression. Come be free with us and add a little spice to your life with Salsa.

Cotillion / Etiquette

Junior Cotillion coaching place as much emphasis on etiquette, manners and character education as it does on dancing.

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Fitness Dance (Zumba Toning, Korean Aerobics, and more)​

Have fun dancing while getting your heart pumping and staying in shape.  High energy and Low impact classes available for ages from 18 to 99.

Keiki Dance

Children explore hip-hop dance moves and dance basics used in a variety of dance styles. Children also focus on developmental basics in dance and movement while learning the pleasure and enjoyment of simply moving their bodies in different ways with control to music.
Each fun-filled class builds listening skills, sensory/body awareness and coordination.  Ages 3-4

Ohana Movement (mommy and me)

Tots and their grown ups have fun together moving to music, singing songs, games and using different manipulatives in expressive movement.  Ages 18mo to 4yrs old

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