Toddler Dance Classes

Ohana Movement ("mommy and me")
Age 18mo to 3yrs old

Tots and their grown ups have fun together moving to music, singing songs, games and using different manipulatives in expressive movement. 

For 3 to 6 year olds

Keiki Dance (age 3-6)

Children explore hip-hop dance moves and dance basics used in a variety of dance styles. Children also focus on developmental basics in dance and movement while learning the pleasure and enjoyment of simply moving their bodies in different ways with control to music.  Each fun-filled class builds listening skills, sensory/body awareness and coordination. 

Introductory Ballet / Tap (ages 3-6)

Ballet is the basis of all technique for all dance styles. Divided between ballet and tap, this class combines basic ballet moves, tap, along with play in order to keep your Child engaged.  

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