First Dance Wedding Choreography

Couple Dancing at Wedding

We specialize in making your dance lessons look great, be fun, and... not break the bank!


Dance lessons should be fun! You have enough stress on you wedding day, and your dance lessons should not be another stressful thing on your to-do list. Come in for the introductory private lesson, and we'll show you why we are the preferred pick by more wedding couples for their first dance than any other studio! 

Private Wedding Dance Classes

Congrats On Your Big Day!


With our "personally designed" private lesson programs, you'll learn all you need to hold your own on the dance floor as well as be developing a dance partnership that you can share together for the rest of your lives! We specialize in first dance wedding choreography that is easy to remember and won't become one more stress in your life.


Your First Dance...


This is the most special moment in your newly married life. It is the first wedding ritual you two will share as a married couple that you will continue to use and cherish together... it will remind you of the romance that brought you together to date and become engaged in the first place.



How Do We Pick That "Perfect Song?"

Just as weddings have become more unique, so have first wedding dances. Ask yourself, what song makes me think only of my fiance? What song makes us want to share that moment together? Though the traditional wedding waltz and foxtrot are still popular, today's contemporary slow songs, Top 40's music, and even Classic Rock, Rock and Roll, and Country music, all have dances associated with them. Find what you like, and we'll do the rest. The newest trend... start with a traditional slow dance, and then cut it loose to a hot Salsa, Swing, or Tango! If you need some help finding songs, contact us today and we can offer some options. We'll help find the perfect song for you!

Bride and Groom Dancing
First Dance
How Soon Before The Wedding Should We Take Lessons?


As soon as possible! Though you may think it should be last on your list, remember that only three things will stay with you after the wedding: your love, the rings, and your ability to dance. Take the time to do it right, not have it be "another thing we gotta do." Though we often do it in less than a month, we suggest coming in around 4 to 6 months in advance of the big day. And then come for a touch up the week before. Having a theme wedding?.. How about even having us show the bridal party and your parents a thing or two? Don't forget about the father-daughter and mother-son dance.

What Should I Look For In A Dance School?


How about a teacher that is a certified professional, and who specializes in wedding couples. You are at the right place. Our teachers teach more wedding couples than any other studio! We take every detail into account so that you can have the most memorable dance that the crowd will love, you can easily dance, and you can continue to share for years down the road. 

Why Does Slow Dancing Always Look So Bad?


Your wedding dance doesn't have to look like the Jr. Prom. With a great intro and ending, some fancy steps, the proper fame, and lead and follow, you can transform the dull hunched-over swaying back-and-forth into a beautiful, flowing demonstration of grace and romance. You'll be amazed how easy and fun it is to learn the right way, and how fast you'll be able to do it. Remember... this is what we specialize in!

Bride and Groom Tango
What About The Other Dances At The Reception?


So you like Alternative, Hip Hop, Top 40's, Heavy Metal, Latin, or Country music? Not only can we show you the basics needed to make your song special, we actually suggest that you learn a variety of dances, so that you can dance to everything at the reception and beyond. How about a slow dance, some swing, some salsa? Where ever you go, you two can share your gift of dance! You have always said that you wanted to learn to dance, so your wedding is your excuse! Put in the investment that will pay dividends for the rest of your lives together.


Picked a song? Need a suggestion?


Since we specialize in teaching for weddings, we know that every couple and every wedding is different. We will take your strengths to make the best "show dance" we can. Bring your own song, or let us find something for you that fits your personality. We can help you find that perfect song!

How Much Do Lessons Cost?

Your first lesson is only $60! After your introductory session, that can vary among the different programs. We understand that money is always an issue, and private lesson programs will cost more than group lessons, but on your introductory session, we will plan with you to find the best solution for meeting your goals.  Schedule your introductory session today to get started.

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